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    Welteg has seen exponential growth in our off-community e-commerce sales this year, for which we are incredibly grateful.  As a result, our taxable sales have exceeded the allowable threshold and we now much charge sales tax on all orders.

    As an indigenous owned and operated business we are committed to respecting our collective treaty rights and are happy to honour the point-of-sale tax exemption for indigenous people.

    In order to ensure that your order is tax exempt, please send a copy of the front and back of your Certificate of Indian Status to anna@welteg.com.  If you paid by credit card or paypal we will promptly refund the taxes to your original payment method.  If you would like to pay by etransfer, please send the pre-tax amount only along with a copy of your Certificate of Indian Status.

    In-store pick-ups will continue to be tax exempt.

    Thank you for your continued support!